about bob

I’m just a boy … sitting in front of a computer … asking it to spell correctly.

That’s me as a blogger. As a person, I’m much more complex. Oh sure, I might seem predictable—boring, almost. But I swear I’m complex. Maybe I do wear khakis every day of my life, but picking a different shirt, see, adds that layer of complexity. And yeah, I eat yogurt and apples for lunch every day, but there are different flavors and varieties that yield complex possibilities.

So, here’s what you know about me so far: Complex? Yes; I just explained all that. Humorous? Um, maybe. That or weird. Relevant? Hell yeah, even if that pop culture reference in the first sentence is from a 1999 movie.

And the title of my blog, Of a Midway Mind: It’s a source of pride for me. I’m from Midway, Kentucky—of Midway and Kentucky. But I’m also describing my mindset: I’m opinionated, but I’m most comfortable on common ground.

I invite you to read my essays and take from them what you will. I don’t think I’ll change the world, but maybe I will change your mind or your mood—for the better, I hope. After all, I’m just a boy … oh, never mind. Just read.

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